About Vernon Shares

Reprinted from Community Dialogues on Opioid Use, UViC The BC Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General has provided funding to The University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC) to support community dialogues in response to the opioid crisis in British Columbia. CARBC has extensive eperience in the addictions field in building bridges and bringing people together. CARBC is committed to supporting communities in understanding dialogue and planning and implementing strategies to promote dialogue in their unique contexts and settings. Vernon has been identified as a priority community regarding the provincial overdose response. A quickly growing gap exists between the downtown business community and their customers, and the service agencies and their clients. There is a disconnect between these groups which contributes significantly to tension and divisions in our community. There is a real and definite need for information and understanding so our community can make better choices and demonstrate respect for all members of our community. https://www.uvic.ca/research/centres/cisur/about/news/current/opioid-dialogue-call-phase-2.php 

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