Share Your Experience

Reprinted from Community Dialogues on Opioid Use, UViC

We can all contribute to the dialogue that needs to happen in our province. You are encouraged to share your stories and experiences to help make positive change in our community that will help us move towards removing the stigma associated with opioids. 

Please contact the dialogue facilitator, Carole Fawcett, directly via email at to share your story. Stories can be kept completely anonymous if preferred and any personal information collected will be confidential. Stories will be collected and compiled into a printed book and shared on social media. 

All it takes is the willingness to be curious about and connect with other community members holding different views. The more we devote ourselves to listening empathically and to caring about people who are different from ourselves, the healthier and stronger we will all be as we work towards freeing our communities from the opioid crisis and beginning the healing process.